How Can We Maximize the Expertise of Our Board of Directors?

The Challenge

Board offsites require both significant time and financial investments. They also represent an enormous opportunity for you to gain input from important stakeholders who have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. When it comes to your organization’s strategy, is the role of your board clearly defined? Are they receiving the information they need to fulfill said role? Do they have a strategic agenda for the year?

Given the strict time constraints and exhaustive list of topics your board of directors needs to address, maximizing every minute of the meeting is crucial.


How Strategic Offsites Can Help

In our capacity as strategy specialists, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the independent directors of a wide range of organizations. Whether you need to clarify the distinct roles of executive management and the board around your strategy or need to improve how, when, and what information flows to the directors, we’ll help design an offsite tailored to fit your needs.

Our goal is to allow your board to get the highest and best use out of their time and end the conversation fully equipped to fulfil their strategic role.

We recognize that board meetings and strategy offsites occur within strict time constraints. As such, we take great care to do the pre-work necessary to ensure your directors get maximum use out of their time together. We’ll work with the meeting owner to ensure a focused set of objectives, from which we’ll curate a tight pre-read and select the appropriate tools and frameworks to facilitate the discussion.

We aren’t there to provide your board with answers. Instead, we guide them through an efficient conversation. As an objective third party, we ask pressing questions and keep the conversation constructive. Our goal is to allow your board to get the highest and best use out of their time and end the conversation further equipped to fulfill their strategic role.

Let us build the bridge for your board's increased alignment, engagement, and success.

Design Your Next Board Offsite with SOG